The name of my business refers to a term in Sicilian dialect which has two meanings.  "CA'PISCI" declares: Here Is Fish.  "CA'PISCI" also poses the question: Do You Understand?  I seek to do both, by presenting epicurean delights from the sea, Eolian style, in a way that makes people understand what it's really all about… the finest simple ingredients that complement each other, coupled with a time-tested technique that travels across generations and continents.

Just taste it. CA'PISCI?


I am from Salina, the most beautiful of the volcanic Eolian islands off the northeast coast of Sicily.  It is a fishing island, and mine is a fishing family.

A Sicilian fisherman at heart and soul, I find myself living in New York.  My wife is a New Yorker, born and raised, and after living in Salina for several years, she convinced me to move our family back to her island.  And so, here I am.

I bring with me my love of the sea and its fruits, as well as a cultivated and experienced hand at preparing and preserving its treasures. Many generations of my forefathers have prepared fish products and preserves in the Eolian tradition, using only simple local ingredients, including olive oil and our prized capers that grow wild all around Salina.

Living in DUMBO Brooklyn we enjoyed many epicurean delights that come from a wide variety of culinary traditions. This has inspired me, and made me wonder how I could bring what I love best and know so well to where I am …

Using fresh local fish, capers from Salina, and my family's recipes, I present the products of CA'PISCI.